Your customer is your most important asset

The trust relationship that is built between your dealership and your customer is foundational to everything else that happens within the dealership. Whether they’re in the process of buying or coming in for service, whether you’re selling them a car for the first time or the tenth time - protecting their information matters.

Your commitment to security is on display from the moment a customer walks into the dealership. Are there credit applications sitting out on sales desks? They’ll immediately think their information will be sitting on that desk when they leave. Are RO’s left out in the service department? How secure is your online credit app? These questions and others help cement your dealership’s brand integrity and reputation in the mind of the customer.

Can your staff communicate your commitment to security?

Increasingly, customers are starting to make purchasing decisions not only on how they perceive an dealership’s security, but also by how the dealership’s staff communicates that commitment.

Is your dealership compliant with security regulations?

From Gramm-Leach-Bliley to the Red Flags Rule, a dealership must navigate an ever growing number of security related regulations. While these rules can seem cumbersome, when followed correctly and consistently, they help a dealership protect itself and its customers from increasingly sophisticated criminals. Losing a vehicle to a thief hits a dealership twice - you’ve lost the vehicle and the loan will be recalled for fraud. It’s critical to use the tools available to protect your dealership

Net Reaction has worked with dealerships for the last 15 years to develop and implement effective information security programs. Partnering with agents and the best administrative companies in the business like Triple Protection Auto Care, we can help your dealership protect its customers and your business.

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