Education & Awareness

Communicate. Educate. Train. Iterate.

These four simple words form the basis of Net Reaction’s approach to education and awareness.

So often, we just assume that our employees know what’s expected of them. We’re all adults. They’re getting their work done. We haven’t had any problems. Just use common sense.

All these assumptions seem fine until something happens. We suffer an event. And we find out that it could have been avoided. But now it’s too late. We have to deal with the consequences.

Getting our employees on the same page doesn’t happen by accident. It happens through effective training. And, that training isn’t a once and done event. Good training is a regular, periodic process.

Once your organization has good policy that communicates management consensus – you can’t just assume that your employees will know what to do. If you think about it – new policy often fills in a hole in our processes. Employees shouldn’t necessarily know what to do. We have to have a process to get our employees up to speed.

Net Reaction works with organizations to develop and implement sound education and awareness programs.

Once you have new or updated policy in place – it’s essential to communicate this policy to the intended audience. This can take the form of having employees read through it – or it might be a part of a larger group session. Good policy will include information about where to look for more information and to whom questions can be addressed.

But we cannot just assume that our employees will understand everything that has been communicated. Security can be complex. It’s essential that we take the time to really educate our employees regarding expectations. Often done in groups – people need the chance to ask questions. Good education results in good understanding.

If there are required actions associated with a policy – it’s critical to follow education by training our users specifically on the actions that they need to take – or the actions they need to avoid. Structured training leads to better results.

Finally, even after going through this process – you can’t just assume that everyone gets it. People are busy. We onboard new employees. We revise policies. It’s important to revisit important topics from time to time. So, we iterate through this process on a periodic basis to concrete a process of improvement into our organizational culture.

Net Reaction can help you design and implement a best-in-class education and awareness program.

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