Vulnerability Management

You cannot expect to protect something well if you aren’t aware of its weaknesses.

Vulnerability management is not particularly complex – but it takes focus and scheduled, committed time – both of which are hard for so many organizations to do well.

There’s always something on fire. A user needs help. We’re planning that next project. Our stakeholders won’t support downtime.

There are so many reasons organizations don’t focus on vulnerability management. We see the effects in our forensic practice. Most cases that Net Reaction works that have technical origins have had a patch available for more than 18 months.

The simple truth is without a good vulnerability management program - your doors are unlocked – and you don’t even know it.

Fundamentals are so important. You don’t need to worry about 0-day attacks until your organization has a good vulnerability management process and you get the most basic technical debt taken care of.

Good patch management is difficult at scale unless your organization does three things well. You need an inventory of your devices. You need visibility into what vulnerabilities exist. And finally, you need a scheduled, repeatable process to update those devices.

Whether your organization has 3 devices or 3000 – Net Reaction can help your organization build a process for keeping systems up-to-date and current and maintain visibility into vulnerabilities that exist – now and in the future.

Whether your organization is seeking external or internal testing, Net Reaction provides regular, scheduled vulnerability testing to hundreds of clients.

We can help your organization stay informed, up-to-date, compliant, and protected.

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