Incident Response

You will not rise to the occasion. You will default to your level of preparedness and training.

We all hope that our organizations will never experience an information security incident. Unfortunately, in today‘s world, most will. Incidents can be hard to predict. Sometimes bad things happen to even the most prepared organizations. But just because we can’t predict the incidents that may occur doesn’t mean that we have to suffer catastrophic outcomes. Organizations that are prepared to respond recover faster, and with fewer losses.

Preparation is the most important part of incident response. Without proper planning and preparation, not only will an organization be ill prepared in the event of a disaster or incident, they also very well may do more harm than good while trying to recover. Incidents are chaotic events. Only by planning what your organization will do in advance, preparing teams to perform those actions, and training them repeatedly to do them will you perform effectively when an incident occurs.

Net Reaction helps organizations build structured incident response programs that cover the entire incident response process.

Effective incident response begins long before an incident occurs. Net Reaction helps team understand their unique risks, design processes to address those risks, and build teams to respond to incidents that occur. From identifying potential incidents, to investigating and eradicating root causes, to working through recovery processes, Net Reaction builds on 20 years of forensic experience to help organizations build effective responsive plans.

Luck favors the prepared.

Ensure your team is prepared before an incident occurs.

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