Our Philosophy

Success doesn't happen by accident.

Your focus determines your outcome.

Net Reaction is founded on the belief that good Information Security is critical to the success of a business. And, just like most good things, success is achieved by hard work and persistence. Companies that understand Information Security understand that it is a critical factor both in the relationship that they have with their customers, and the trust that their customers put in them. In today’s world, where tens of millions of people have their identities compromised every year, this focus on protecting our relationships with our customers and the trust that they put in us is often the definitive factor that sets a successful business apart from its competitors.

Information security is complex - but doesn't have to be hard

A lot of great companies get bogged down quickly when they start to implement an Information Security Program. They start with the best of intentions, but get swamped quickly by the details. From human resources issues, to physical and environmental security to information technology, Information Security Planning touches every aspect of a business. So often however, a company loses focus on mitigating risks and instead gets distracted on short term patches.

An effective Information Security Program has to be risk based throughout its entire lifecycle. Anything less will distract from the overall objectives and lessen the effectiveness of your program. Time and time again, we have worked with otherwise successful companies that have failed when trying to implement an Information Security Program for this very reason. If your program is going to be successful, it must be risk focused and take small steps towards mitigating those risks.

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