Today’s medical practice has to be focused on more than just providing good patient care. While everyone wants the best outcomes for patients, today’s practice has to focus on privacy, security, and even things like telehealth

Security is no longer as simple as just protecting a paper file. Offices are connected to apps in the cloud, to EHR systems in larger networks, and to the patients themselves. Texting and email has become as important as telephone calls and face-to-face conversations. Security touches every aspect of the medical practice. It seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to consider everything that goes into securing your practice.

It can be overwhelming

Small practices are different than huge health systems. The controls that work for a giant hospital aren’t practical or affordable for a small practice. And yet, it seems like the requirements are the same - with the threat of fines and penalties for failure to comply.

Patient data remains the single most valuable source of information for identity thieves.

Net Reaction understands what makes small practice different

Small practices needs someone who can guide them through the process of assessing their risk and developing plans to effectively address those risks. Whether it’s through policy and procedure, compliance programs, or technical controls, Net Reaction has experts that can walk with your team as you secure your practice.

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