Public Service

Whether you’re a water district or an electric co-op, a local municipality or a rural telecom provider, good information security is about more than just protecting the identities of your customers. It affects the integrity and availability of the services that your friends and neighbors rely on.

Information security planning within public service is a critical aspect of the commitment that you make to your community. The threats are real, and come from a variety of sources. State actors are well resourced and committed. Weather events continually affect availability. Employees click on things they shouldn’t. Any of these events can cause life threatening interruptions.

The right controls matter

You have to get security right. Everyday.

Net Reaction works with public service organizations to understand your specific risks - and to tailor plans to address them in a way that works with your budget, your staff, and your expertise.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all - and that a program that works for a large city won’t work for a small local water district. We’ve worked with local municipalities, water districts, and telecom providers to develop programs that are effective and cost-effective.

Whether it’s protecting payments or safeguarding critical systems, segregating production networks or implementing multifactor authentication. Net Reaction works with organizations in the public sphere to understand where you are today - and to develop roadmaps for where you need to go.

The trust you have with your customer - each fellow members of the community - is a sacred one. Let Net Reaction help you safeguard that relationship.

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